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Megan Rapinoe

Proverbs 26:4 Do not answer a fool according to his folly, Lest you also be like him.

If you run your mouth and are controversial, you too can get a multi-million dollar contract with Nike (like Kaepernick)

Megan Rapinoe lands Nike ad campaign, draws comparisons to Colin Kaepernick's controversial deal with apparel giant

Hypocrite Megan Rapinoe Collects Millions From Nike That’s Earned Off Their Sweatshop Slave Labor

Let's get one thing straight here. People pay good money to see a sporting event. They did not pay to see some over paid “star” protest some social issue. If they have a cause that they want to promote or an opinion on an issue, do it somewhere other than the playing field.

Case in point:

Rapinoe protesting whatever her cause is at the time is on the world stage and frankly I don't believe the people in attendance don't want to see this kind of action. Besides, in a multicultural crowd of sports fans, how are they to know what she is protesting. She is representing the USA on the world stage. Ok you have a worldwide audience, but do you really think that those millions could care less about your cause whatever it is at the time you are standing there with you mouth shut, staring straight ahead as the national anthem is being played. You are representing the people of the USA. You are representing me and thousands of other Americans. And I don't, and probably thousands of others like me, don't give a danm about your political causes or views.

Just play soccer!

Peter Roff has expressed it so much better than me. Read his article HERE

I wonder which one wears the strap on. Bet it is the one on the right.


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