Another gripe I have is celebrity endorsements. These people are worth millions, yet companies pay them millions to promote their products. First, do companies think that people are so stupid, naive and so easily persuaded to buy their products just because a movie star or musician advertises it? Evidently, yes!

If you have a good product and is well presented to the public, why not use just a regular actor or actress to promote your product. They can use the money much more than some celeb who's net worth is in the millions and often have side gigs. You could save millions on your advertising budgets if you just hired aspiring actors and actresses. Hundreds of companies do it and their advertising is just as effective.

Stop building the gulf between rich and poor even more than it is now. I find it offensive and I personally do not purchase a product based on a celebrity telling me how great it is.

Here are some examples:

Celebrity Net Worth Product(s)
Ellen Degeneres $490M Spectrum Mobile
Terry Bradshaw $25M Safe Step Walk in Tub
George Clooney $500M Nespresso coffee maker
Dak Prescott $2M Campbells' Chunky Soup, Sleep Number Bed
Mikaela Shiffrin $3M Land Rover
Saquon Barkley $26M Campbells' Chunky Soup
Jayson Tatum $5M Rakuten
Kristen Bell $20M Enterprise car rental, Lazy Boy
Mike Ditka $30M Medicare Helpline
Joe Namath $18M Medicare Coverage Helpline
Jesse Palmer $8M Rooms to Go furniture stores
Cardi B $24M Pepsi
Pitbull $90M Boost mobile
Johnny Depp $200M a cologne
Adam Levine $120M a cologne
Anna Kendrick $14M Lays potato chips, Hilton hotels
Jillian Michaels $14M Soda Stream
Steph Curry $130M Rakuten
Tony Romo $70M Corona Extra beer
Alex Rodriquez $350M Planter peanuts
Aaron Rodgers $120M State Farm insurance
Patrick Mahones %10M State Farm insurance
Peyton Manning $200M Nationwide insurance
Dana Loesch $2M Super Beets
Tina Fey $65M All State insurance
Pat Boone $30M Safe Step Walk in Tub
The Mother of all celebrity promoter
Shaquille O'Neal $400M Ring door alarms, General insurance, Gold Bond, Icy Hot, Epson tank printer, Papa Johns

Streaming TV Services

I am a sports nut. Baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer every game. It is a good way to waste 2-3 hours of TV viewing. You also see some amazing plays. They all provide great entertainment as opposed to shows like Ancient Aliens, Curse of Oak Island, Naked and Afraid and all the other so called reality TV show that are really scripted junk.

I am a transplanted Northerner now a resident of Florida. I live in west central part of the state, only 30 miles from the Gulf. So my teams are all centered around Tampa – The Rays, Buccaneers, Lightning, and the Rowdies USL Championship soccer team, and since I am not far from Gainesville, the Florida Gators. Since there are no basketball teams in this geographic area, I follow the Orlando Magic.

In order to watch all these teams' games, I need a streaming service. There is no cable service in my area, so you have to either have a satellite service or stream. Since I have internet service with Viasat, I stream. And to get all these games, there is only one way to get them, Fox Sports Sun or Florida. So I needed to find a TV streaming service that offered these channels.

First, I tried Hulu. It was great. I was paying $45 a month for the live TV package that also included the Fox sports channels, along with FS1, FS2, NBCSN, and all the college games. Then I got an email stating that December 8th they were going to increase the cost by $10. Not happy but OK if that is what it would take to get the channels that I wanted and needed. But something happened. They dropped Fox Sports Sun and Fox Sports Florida. No more Tampa Bay Rays, Tampa Bay Lightning, Orlando Magic. I canceled my subscription and went looking for an alternative.

I found FuboTV. They offered a trial period. Great! All is back to normal. But I did a little more research and also found that Youtube TV also offered the Fox sports channels. They too offered a trial period. I found both services to be very good. No buffering, not unlike Hulu at times. But the determing factor comes down to price. After the trial period, FuboTV is $55 a month. Youtube TV is $50 a month. $5 isn't that big a deal but there is unlimited DVR too.

So for now, until a price increase or they drop the channels that I need and want, I am going with Youtube TV.

Anthony Hopkins on Why He Avoids Talking About Politics: ‘Actors Are Pretty Stupid’

How do shows such as Ellen and Oprah afford to give away such expensive gifts to an entire audience?

Let's get real here! These Tv hosts, celebs do not give away anything out of their own pockets on TV shows.

The hosts don’t pay for the items personally; most of the time items are donated by sponsors of the show in exchange for the exposure their products will get from being featured on the show. The theory is that by featuring the product on the talk show it will increase sales from viewers who watch the show and see the product.

Sponsors love viewers. Viewers love Ellen and Oprah. The sponsors will cheerfully cough up whatever the stars say they want, because the bigger the deal that gets made about it, the more viewers they’ll get. (Viewers + popular host = viewers who buy the sponsors’ products.) Oprah and Ellen look like heroes, and it doesn’t cost either of them anything. And it makes look like heroes!

Also, their studio audiences are not all that big. Watch when the camera pans out for audience reactions - it’s not even the size of a large movie theater.

Commercials That Bug Me! Have you noticed the number of car commercials that have the woman driving and the man as the passenger? What are they trying to tell us?

Have you seen the commercial for Miracle Ear hearing aid? They say it is almost invisible but the device is black. Would it be more invisible if it were tan or beige in color?

The TV ad for the drug chantix has an animated turkey on top of a sky scraper sightseeing but there are no safety railings around the top of the building. Duh! (I think they changed it and added glass panels now)

Direct Auto insurance is using Johnny Manziel, Tonya Harding and Fat Joe as spokespersons. These people are basically losers so I figure the company is also.

The following paragraphs were taken from news sites on August 7th and 8th. The point I am making over them is this, if it is permissiable for Castro and Tlaib to support what Castro did, then let them both reveal their own donor lists. Bet they won't. And another thing, Castro is chairing the presidential campaign of his twin brother Julian. How can he effectively represent the people of the 20th district of Texas and still do his sworn oath to his constitutents?

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas), the identical twin brother of presidential hopeful Julian Castro, tweeted out the names and employers of dozens of Trump donors from his own congressional district.

“Sad to see so many San Antonians as 2019 maximum donors to Donald Trump," Castro tweeted on Monday evening, before naming three of these donors. "Their contributions are fueling a campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as 'invaders.'"

After Democratic U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro tweeted the names and employers of donors to President Donald Trump and decried them for "fueling a campaign of hate," Castro got support for his controversial actions from fellow Democratic U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib.


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