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The NASCAR Championship race finished last Sunday November 17 with Kyle Busch winning! Out of 40 drivers, only 4 were eligible for the title, Kyle Busch, Martin Truex Jr, Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick. Busch, Truex and Hamlin drove Toyotas owned be Joe Gibbs racing. What a crock! Japanese car manufacturer, stacked deck of drivers from one race team.

If only four drivers were eligible to win the championship, why were there 36 other cars on the track? Why not just have the four contenders race and whoever crosses the finish line first is crowned the champion?

What drama! What excitement! At this point who cares anymore? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot, with the present format, NASCAR is just doing that. I for one, could care less about this sport anymore. There are so many other more entertaining sporting events to watch all year round, football (professional and college), basketball (professional and college), baseball, soccer (or so many leagues).

So who needs to watch 40 or so cars racing around a circle in 36 races that span nearly 10 months when at the end only four can win the big trophy. Not me!

I used to be a big fan of NASCAR but not anymore. My enthusiasm began waving in 2004 when NASCAR implemented the The Chase for the Championship which later became The The Playoffs for the Championship in 2017. The whole system revolves around points awarded to drivers throughout the season based on their finishes. Then mid season they begin by separating the top point drivers into a group that will continue to compete throughout the remainder of the season as only those eligible to be crowned at year end champion. To add drama, at selected times and tracks, the field of contenders is shortened from originally the top 10, later 12, then finally 16 drivers. In the end, the 2019 season, only four drivers will be vying for the championship. The winner out of the 4 at Homestead will be crowned the 2019 season champion. So out of a field of 40 cars, only 4 will be competing for the championship. What a crock! Out of 36 NASCAR point races in the season, it comes down to just one race and the winner takes all out of just four drivers.

NASCAR has evolved from the rough and tumble days of Cale Yarborough, the Allisons, Fireball Roberts, Buddy Baker, Junior Johnson and many other legends in the sport. There were Chevys, Oldsmobiles, Pontiacs. Fords, Mercurys, Dodges and Plymouths. Cars that virtually came off the showroom and were modified for racing. There were 62 races back in the old days

Now it is all about the money and sponsor ships. Worse yet, there are only three car models competing, Toyota (yeah a Japanese car), Chevy and Ford. The Chevy Camaro and the Ford Mustang are two door models, the Toyota Camry is four door. Come on! Ridiculous!

And it is the same group of ten drivers at the front of every race. Some competition when on any given weekend there are thirty other drivers on the track that have no chance of winning. This year Denny Hamlin in a Toyota, Kyle Busch in a Toyota, Martin Truex Jr. in a Toyota and Kevin Harvick in a Ford will be running for the championship. How exciting!

No matter what NASCAR does in the future, it won't help. They have ruined the sport and wonder why the numbers are falling. Count me as one of the AWOLS.

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