News Headlines

News Headlines

"A lie told often enough becomes the truth." Vladimir Lenin

Below are news headlines that I found on the Daily Mail web site. They all appeared at the same time. Note the difference in how each was handled. They all concern sexual abuse of a minor. But the outcome varies greatly between each case. What is wrong with the justice system?

You can google any of these for further information.They are not in any particular chronological order.

Swamp Report: 430 Former Members of Congress Are Lobbyists, Government Influencers

Every 2020 Democrat in Second Debate Supports Taxpayer-Funded Healthcare for Illegal Aliens

Fact Check: U.S. Taxpayers Pay $18.5B a Year for Healthcare for Illegal Aliens

Job Creators Network — Democrats Don’t Know What Women Want: Debate was ‘Socialism on Steroids’

Poll: Majority of Swing Voters Think Debate Answers in Spanish Are ‘Pandering’

Nolte: Elizabeth Warren Just Promised to Abolish 150 Million Americans’ Health Insurance

Warren Dodges Question on Whether She Would Put Limits on Abortion

Beto O’Rourke: Migrants ‘Had No Choice But to Come Here’ Due to Climate Change

Cory Booker: We Need to Talk More About Transgender Americans

Julian Castro: Transgender Men have ‘Right to Abortion Funds’

Poll: Young Americans’ LGBTQ Acceptance Plunges 63% to 45% in Two Years

Report: More Universities Offering Tampons in Men’s Restrooms

Media Agree: Democrat Debate Shows Party Shift to Far Left

CNN’s Borger on Dem Debate: ‘The Left Wing of the Party Did Well’ – The Center, ‘Not as Well’

Klobuchar: ‘Immigrants Are America,’ U.S. Needs Foreigners ‘in Our Fields’

Tim Ryan: Democrats Have ‘Lost All Connection’ to Working-Class People

De Blasio: Yes, Democrats Are For 70 % Tax Rates, Free College, Money Is in the ‘Wrong Hands’

Jay Inslee Calls for Catch and Release, Sanctuary States, DREAMer College (so illegal aliens or migrants are like fish?)

Kamala Harris backtracks AGAIN and insists she doesn't favor eliminating all private health insurance despite raising her hand in debate to agree she wanted to 'abolish' it

Pelosi: ‘There Is a Disagreement That Anybody Coming Across the Border Is Breaking the Law’

(not according 8 USC 1325: Improper entry by alien Text contains those laws in effect on June 28, 2019 Department of Justice website Section 1325 sets forth criminal offenses relating to (1) improper entry into the United States by an alien, (2) entry into marriage for the purpose of evading immigration laws, and (3) establishing a commercial enterprise for the purpose of evading immigration laws. The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) amended 8 U.S.C. § 1325 to provide that an alien apprehended while entering or attempting to enter the United States at a time or place other than as designated by immigration officers shall be subject to a civil penalty.)

‘Beto’ O’Rourke Campaigns in Mexico

New York City Mayor and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bill de Blasio said Sunday that gender reassignment surgeries "absolutely" should be covered by taxpayer dollars through Medicare for All.

Appearing Wednesday on BET Digital’s #BlackCoffeeLive, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) admitted that the Trump administration is implementing Obama-era policies at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Appearing Wednesday on BET Digital’s #BlackCoffeeLive, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) proclaimed “it’s past time” reparations are paid to descendants of African slaves in the United States.

De Blasio: Free ‘3-K Education’ Should Be ‘Universal Right’

Heritage of Kamala Harris Under Fire

Dem Rep. Tlaib: Border Detention Centers Are ‘Absolutely’ Concentration Camps

Dem Rep. Tlaib Claims ‘Literally Every Single Woman Confirmed’ They Were Told to Drink Toilet Water at Border Facility

Town Council Bans Pledge of Allegiance, Says Immigrants Were Intimidated

AOC Mocks Ivanka Trump For Sidling Up To World Leaders At G20: "Being Someone's Daughter Isn't A Career Qualification"

‘Poorly Attended’: Ocasio-Cortez Slams ‘Salute to America’ Celebration with Mistruths

New York City Mayor and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Bill de Blasio said Sunday that gender reassignment surgeries "absolutely" should be covered by taxpayer dollars through Medicare for All

Elizabeth Warren: Crossing the Border Illegally Should Not Be a Criminal Offense

CNN Poll: 6-in-10 Swing Voters Oppose Taxpayer-Funded Healthcare for Illegal Alien

Eric Swalwell Becomes First Democrat to Drop Out of Presidential Race

Colombia Denounces Venezuelan Soldiers for Illegal Border Crossing

20 Times Breitbart Reported on Migrant Deaths During Obama-Biden Years and No One Cared

Migrant father and daughter who drowned in the Rio Grande river while trying to cross into the United States.

'Trump is responsible': Democratic candidates blame US policy after tragic photo emerges

“Well, that’s like what I’ve been saying; if they fixed the laws, you wouldn’t have that,” Trump said when asked by reporters at the White House about the horrific photo widely shared on social media.

Trump said that Democrats were to blame for failing to pass laws closing the migrant loopholes in the United States asylum laws.

“A lot of people are starting to realize that I was right when we have a crisis at the border,” he said, recalling when Democrats and media called it a “manufactured crisis.”

Donald Trump Blames Democrats for Drowned Migrants Found in Rio Grande

EXCLUSIVE – Chip Roy: Democrat Claims About Border Patrol Shelters Are False

Elizabeth Warren: I Will End Israeli ‘Occupation’

Beto O'Rourke Says Donald Trump Is Responsible For Deaths Of Migrant Father And Daughter Who Died Trying To Cross Rio Grande

Ilhan Omar Slams America to 400 High School Students as ‘Unjust’

Democrats Delete Tweet Using Obama-Era Migrant Shelter Picture of ‘Kids in Cages’

Mitch McConnell: "I Think We Have A Problem" If The American Flag Is Controversial

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on Nike’s decision not to release its Betsy Ross flag sneakers.
"If we're in a political environment where the American flag has become controversial to Americans I think we have a problem," McConnell said Tuesday.

WATCH—Biden Smirks When Asked to Apologize for 3 Million Deportations Under Obama

Bill De Blasio Assists Illegals: ‘We Will Do Everything We Can to Protect You’

Bill de Blasio: ‘We Don’t Need This ICE’ — It Should be Abolished

Warren Promises on ‘First Day’ as President to Set Up Commission to Investigate U.S. Crimes Against Immigrants

Jay Inslee: I’ll Ask Megan Rapinoe To Be My Secretary of State I say WHY?

Maxine Waters to ‘SOB’ Trump: ‘We Don’t Take Sh*t from Nobody’

Warren Promises to Import at Least 700 Percent More Refugees to U.S.

Gillibrand: Planned ICE Raids ‘Absolutely Unconscionable

Rob Reiner Demands Pelosi ‘Pull the Trigger’ and Impeach Trump

Video — Rosie O’Donnell Leads Protest Against Migrant Shelters: ‘Take the Fascist Out of the White House’

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) claimed Saturday that Americans accept migrant children being treated "worse than a dog" because they are racist.



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