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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Football

With only three more games left in the season, the Bucs have finally found some wins. After watching them so far this season, I have concluded, along with a number of other people, the Bucs are their own worst enemy. Just too many turn overs and penalities. Winston is either brilliant or looks like a high school quarterback. Defense is great but often cause the loses with penalities. Of course it is limited to defense, offense has its fair share of penalities. Hopefully, Ariens can turn the team around by next year.

October 27th, the Bucs are now 2-5 with a tough lose to the Titans.

Fourth and final pre season game! Cowboys turn attention to Giants after dropping final preseason game 17-15 to Tampa Bay. Not the best but considering the quarter back situation with the Bucs, not a bad showing. For the final pre season game, why play first string quarter back Jameis Winston? With Winston's backup, Blaine Gabbert, out with an injury that leaves Ryan Griffin as the backup to Winston now. So you don't want to risk an injury to him, so he played a very limited time. So the Bucs brought in Vinny Testaverde. Once the kid settled down, he did alright.

A reason Barber had some success last season -- leading the Bucs with 871 rushing yards and five touchdowns -- was because of his ability to get yards after contact, a product of good leverage and powerful running. His 436 yards after contact last season ranked 11th in the league. This preseason, Barber has averaged 4.6 yards on five carries.

Barber has gotten first-team carries with Jones stepping in after, although Barber is still more trustworthy with the ball in his hands and has been the one getting the first set of touches this preseason. He’s simply more powerful inside. Still, expect both him and Jones to play significant roles on Sundays.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers came away with another victory Friday night, an ugly 13-12 win over the visiting Cleveland Browns. To me, the highlights of the game were sloppy defensive tackles and very stupid penalties, especially in the fourth quarter, by the Bucs. The offensive line in the first half looked like a Saturday afternoon play ground skimage of high schoolers. But they did win by the skin of their teeth thanks to 3rd string QB Griffth and rookie kicker Gay. Again, Matt Gay had the winning field goal but missed a 37 yard try earlier in the game.

The pre-season football has kicked off! The Tampa Bay Buccaneers' first game was with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Bucs lost 30-28. The biggest take away from the game was that the Bucs are still plagued with penalities. Lets hope they get this sorted out. For me the highlight was with rookie Matt Gay who closed the first half with a 55-yard field goal. It matched the longest NFL kick in stadium history.

The second pre season game was the battle of the coasts, the Miami Dophins against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs' won the battle with Tampa Bay rookie Matt Gay who had two field goals, including a go-ahead 48-yarder with 6 seconds to play.  Buccaneers 16, Dolphins 14. One positive note was that they did decrease the penalities and the backup quarterbacks look good, especially Griffith.


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