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Angry and Violent America!

Woman is tasered on board Spirit Airlines flight after wild brawl breaks out when she refused to wear a face mask

Not lovin' it! Shocking surveillance footage shows McDonald's customer abusing staff and trashing the store after she received the wrong drive-thru order

Video: Moment man, 25, viciously assaults lone female rider, 29, in unprovoked attack on Miami metro where he punched her more than 20 times, kicked her and slammed her head, 'before beating two more men that same day'

Ohio couple are arrested after getting into huge punch-up with golf center employees - after their card was declined

Wild Waffle House brawl between customers and staff sees WIGS and fists fly in argument over the bill

Shocking moment Rite Aid pharmacy worker is repeatedly punched by a 'shoplifter' after shoving the raging suspect into a wall of products in Detroit

Horrific moment nearly 20 teens beat a 15-year-old girl on a Brooklyn sidewalk before stealing the sneakers off her feet, her phone and debit card

Shocking moment school bus bullies pummel 14-year-old boy leaving him hospitalized with head injuries 'because he'd worn a Trump 2020 hat'

Kitchen brawl breaks out between two McDonald's employees

Teacher Assaults Student

'You got my order wrong!' Man, 28, is detained after 'storming behind a McDonald's register and punching two employees in the face'

VIDEO: Customers at California Popeyes Brawl in Drive-Thru

Surveillance footage shows the horrifying moment homeless veteran, 47, brutally attacks two elderly women in IHOP with a COFFEE POT

Shocking moment a Popeyes worker and a customer throw TRAYS at each other in Texas before a veteran stops the fight - as a man at a second outlet tosses a bucket of tea at a server when he can't get a chicken sandwich

Shocking moment mother is kicked in the head and beaten unconscious in front of her children at a roller rink by couple who took her disabled son's skate frame

Unhappy meal: Moment McDonald's manager throws a BLENDER at a woman's head after a fight over her order being wrong leaving her with a broken nose and shattered cheekbone

Shocking moment three women pepper spray and assault beauty store owner after he caught them stealing merchandise

Shocking video shows THREE separate brawls breaking out between female students at California middle school located in the same district where boy, 13, was fatally punched in the head

Driver 'kills man for looking at him at red light'

Baseball bat-wielding woman sparks a furious road rage brawl in Chicago by cutting in front of female driver who then attacks her on the freeway

Disturbing moment as mother attacks a school bus driver in his 70s after he pulled over because the children were being unruly

Shocking moment violence erupts at a Louisiana Walmart after three family members resist arrest after 'shouting racists remarks at a store worker' - and two are charged with battery of a cop

Basketball-loving schoolboy, 14, was shot dead in a row over a pair of JORDANS, his devastated family reveals

Shocking video shows bullies beat special needs teen boy at an Iowa high school as he walked to class and now his mom wants charges brought against the thugs

Fights break out between Trump supporters and protesters after a US flag is torched while traffic comes to a standstill amid angry scenes as the President arrives for Beverly Hills fundraiser

Gunman Opens Fire, Wounds Two, Following Argument at Peewee Football Game

WATCH: Carolina Panthers Fans Brawl During Rain Delay

Theme park throwdown! California couple kicked out of Disneyland's Toontown after a shocking all-out family brawl are no-shows in court

VIDEO: Adults Brawling at Carnival Send Children Running in Terror

Shocking moment McDonald's employee 'chokes and then punches a customer in the head after he complained about cold fries' in New Orleans

A customer who pulled a gun on a Popeyes restaurant manager because they ran out of chicken sandwiches.
After a group of three men and two women were told at the drive-thru that the Houston Popeyes location had run out of chicken sandwiches, the group attempted to force their way in through a side door, but an employee locked them out.
When the manager repeated that they were out of the popular item, one man pulled out a pistol and demanded more chicken sandwiches.
The group eventually left in a blue SUV. Fortunately, no shots were fired and one was harmed.
The incident was the latest in a series of strange events surrounding the #chickenwarssandwich debate over who makes the best chicken sandwich: Chick-fil-A or Popeyes.

Man left coma attacked bowling ball Chicago during violent brawl when he accidentally bumped into someone

Upsetting video shows girls bullying hitting boy autism

Shocking moment a man delivers a brutal slap to a fellow IHOP diner - sparking a huge brawl

40-person brawl at Raging Waters started over beach towel

Atlanta Attorney Accused of Killing Man After Golf Ball Hit Mercedes

Angry Customer Slaps Little Caesar's Manager

Upset customer attacks cashier

Pregnant hispanic woman starts a fist fight over a shirt!

Fight at the local TakeAway - friendly to angry and then violent within a few seconds

Impatient Woman Throws Drink Over Takeaway Worker

Angry customer trashes nail salon

Angry customer hurls xenophobic racist slurs at an auto parts store employee

Angry customer at MN Walmart accuses store of racial profiling

Angry customer at Asian nail salon

Angry customer She was mad the employee was on her phone and making fun of her

Angry Customer Is THROWN Out Of Drive Thru Window!!

Massive Brawl Breaks Out Rams Game

Filet-O-Fists: Moment a female McDonald's customer goes on the rampage 'after being denied a McFlurry', hitting the cashier and throwing equipment at kitchen staff - who hurl it back at her

A battle for ice cream has been caught inside a McDonald's in the Unites States
A woman and staff members hurl pieces of chromed metal torn from equipment
After a vicious back and forth the woman appears to leave the ruined restaurant

Florida man, 34, is charged after 'punching a McDonald's worker in the face at a drive-thru window because his food was taking too long'

Sherman Lee Brown, 34, allegedly hit a McDonald's drive-thru worker in the face
It is claimed he yelled 'cracker' and 'hurry the f*** up' before punching her
She was left with 'redness and swelling' to her eye and cheek and a cut on her lip
It's claimed that he hit her after getting 'upset' that his food was taking too long
Brown was charged with battery, burglary and one prior battery conviction
The Leesburg, Florida, resident was scheduled for arraignment on September 16

Two female bus passengers beat up woman, 67, after she swings her cane at them during a wild foul-mouthed exchange sparked by one of them bumping her with her baby strollerr

Verbal Abuse, Thrown Items Preceded Hollywood Car Ramming Incident

Shocking video shows at least 100 students involved in massive brawl outside California high school that led to hospitalization and arrest of one teen


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